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Colorado Springs Shower Seats

As you age, everyday tasks—such as showering—can often become more difficult. Showering safely also becomes quite a challenge for those individuals with a handicap or limited mobility. Fortunately, you can increase the accessibility of your bathroom, as well as your bathing confidence, by installing Colorado Springs shower seats. For shower seat installations you can count on, turn to the caring professionals of Center Point Renovations Colorado.

Experienced Colorado Springs Shower Seat Installers

Since 2001, Center Point Renovations Colorado has been serving area homeowners with quality products and superior service. When you need Colorado Springs shower seat installers who carry out their work with pride and professionalism, we have you covered. Throughout our many years in business, we have acquired the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources to provide homeowners with a broad range of innovative shower seat solutions. Colorado Springs homeowners can expect many advantages by choosing us over other companies:


You can work with our talented designers to select just the right styles, colors, and accessories to match your design preferences, accessibility needs, and budget.


We believe your time is every bit as valuable as ours, so we offer $100 on-time guarantees for all of our projects.

Fast Installation

Our highly-trained installers have learned the most effective techniques for installing your shower seat in as little as one day.

Accurate Price Quotes

Some other companies give you an estimate and then charge extra for every little thing. We don’t play those games. The price we quote is the price you’ll pay.


We stand proudly behind the quality of our products with a lifetime warranty.

Since 2001, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners get the stylish updates they need. Call us to replace your bathtub, and see the Center Point Renovations Colorado difference for yourself!

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