The FDA Bans Microban. So Do We.

Did you know that the Food and Drug Administration is banning the use of Microban in hospitals? That means products such as hand sanitizers, surgical scrubs, and cleansers containing this commonly-used chemical will have to reformulate their product or become removed entirely!

Why? The FDA has determined that triclosan (Microban) is associated with health risks and possibly contributes to antibiotic-resistant bacteria. That’s right; the chemical supposedly made to kill bacteria and prevent infection actually causes infections and has led to a kind of super bacteria! Gross!

When Will the Triclosan Ban Go Into Effect?

The FDA is allowing hospitals and triclosan-using manufacturers one year before this ban takes place. As of December 20, 2018, all products containing banned ingredients (including triclosan) will be removed from the over-the-counter healthcare antiseptic market or undergo FDA approval as a new drug application. 

Will This Antiseptic Ban Lead to a Rise in Illness?

There are 19 active ingredients in common antiseptic products that are included in this ban—most of which have already been removed. If you’re like many, you might be concerned that removal of these chemicals will lead to a rise in infections and the spread of illness. Actually, research shows that the banned chemicals are no more effective than plain old soap and warm water—and they do “more harm than good over the long term.”If the FDA Bans Microban from Hospitals, We Will Too!

Centerpoint Renovations is a customer-focused, safe bathroom remodeling company in Colorado. We strive to provide durable bath products and quality services that our customers can trust, which is why our bathroom renovation experts do not use Microban in our baths, showers, tub liners, and more.  However, many of our competitors do. To learn more about our safe antiseptic technology and other benefits of our bathroom remodeling products and services, contact our Bathroom remodelers in Colorado Springs today!

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