Your Bathroom can be hazardous! Facts & Tips on Bath Safety


According to the centers for disease control and prevention;

·  About 81% of injuries located in the home happened within the bathroom.

·  Two thirds of all injuries occurred in the tub or shower area though only 2.2% occurred while getting in or out of the shower or tub.

From sprains, fractures and concussions to electrical shock resulting in death, your bathroom can be a dangerous place!

In this blog post you will find tips for bathroom safety. Tips applying to youth thru senior years.


·  Adults should not leave children younger than 6 years of age unattended in a tub or shower area. The bathtub can be very slippery causing children and seniors to slip and fall.

·  Prevent falls in the bathroom using non – skid decals or mats in the tub or shower area. Placement of support safety handles in various locations can help with stability.

·  Prevent improper use of bathroom chemicals by installing a low maintenance product within your wet area that you can use organic cleaning products. This will reduce the risk of harm or even death.

·  Do not leave children unattended in wet areas. Upgrade senior wet areas from tub to shower. Install safety handles and latches on toilets for very young children. Install a temperature control valve to prevent burning.

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