Four Tips for Your Small Bathroom Remodel

When out-of-town guests come to stay in your Colorado Springs home, they probably don’t spend too much time around the house—instead of going out andseeing the sights around the town. When they are in your home, however, they likely spend a good deal of time in your guest bathroom. Is it a room you’re proud to show off?

If not, we at Center Point Renovations Colorado have a few ideas to improve the form and function of your guest bath or another space-limited bathroom. Check out our small bathroom remodel tips below!

1. Plan Your Bathroom Remodel Ahead.

If you’re considering a makeover for your powder room, half-bath, or full guest bath, it’s never too early to get started—but the first step shouldn’t be to tear everything out. Rather than forge full steam ahead, sit down and plan your small bathroom remodel. If you want some inspiration, go ahead and call an experienced bathroom remodeling company in Colorado Springs, CO for a free design consultation.

2. Keep the Space Open and Airy.

Speaking of design… a small bathroom remodel requires special attention; the narrow space can easily feel closed off or even claustrophobic if the wrong elements are chosen. To maximize the feel of the space, consider:

  • Floating vanities
  • Tankless toilets
  • Open wall shelving
  • Neo-angle or walk-in showers

3. Use Simple Patterns and Décor Schemes.

Along with the furniture and features themselves, you can enhance the open feel of a small bathroom by choosing the right patterns for your walls, flooring, towels, and more. For the most open look, choose simple patterns in a striking (but not too dark) color scheme and of medium size. Try to avoid using lots of tiny prints, as they’ll only make the space look and feel more cramped.

4. Hire Colorado Springs Bathroom RemodelersWho Know Small Baths.

For a high-quality bathroom remodel in Colorado Springs, it’s almost always recommended to work with professionals. Some smaller projects can be safely DIY-ed, but larger projects—especially those that require changes to plumbing or electrical wiring—should really be done by trained and licensed craftsmen. 

When choosing your Colorado Springs bathroom remodelers, don’t settle for just anyone. You’ll get the best bang for your buck by working with remodelers who have experience with small bathrooms. Don’t be afraid to ask for a portfolio or referrals from other clients with space-limited bathrooms!

Start Your Small Bathroom Remodel Today With a Free Design Consultation

At Center Point Renovations Colorado, we have all the experience you could need for your small bathroom remodel. Our professional staff has been designing and renovating small bathrooms for more than a decade now, and we offer full-service expertise that ranges from new showers and tubs to toilets, vanities, wall partitions, and complete reconfigurations. Contact our bathroom remodeling company in Colorado Springs, CO for more information and a free design session today!